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Why We Must Vote

Once again we have been called upon to exercise our right to vote. At the present moment the pillars of our democracy economic justice, voting rights and educational equality are under attack. These principles are so dear and so true they must be the core values of our public policies.

The most effective way to protect these principles and core values while we fight against the legislative actions and legal decisions is the vote. Voter suppression laws are designed to restrict the ability of the African American along with other communities of color from fully engaging in the Democratic process.

Over the past several years we have witness acts such as the 2013 Shelby V. Holder Supreme Court case which gutted the 1965 voting rights acts. This Supreme Court case has given a rebirth to voter suppression that is moving across the land. People of color are still experiencing a wide range of attacks on voting rights. The African American community, the Latinx and the Native Americans are still dealing with high levels of racialize voter suppression, redistricting, and the elimination of early voting and absentee voting are all methods of disenfranchisement. The Kansas City Missouri Branch of the NAACP will continue our long tradition of fighting for and protecting the right to vote. Therefore, on Tuesday June 2, 2020 we are encouraging you to get out and vote.

As the result of COVID 19 there has been a reduction in our polls and you may be assigned a new polling place. Please make sure that you check your voting card for the new voting location.

Rev. Dr. Rodney E. Williams
Branch President