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NAACP Civil Rights Scorecard for Missouri

Missouri Civil Rights Scorecard

Voting is at the heart of any good democracy. Nonetheless, we’ve seen countless efforts in the last year that have blocked the passage of significant once-in-a-generation legislation that would further secure our right to vote and ensure that democracy works for all. Our voting rights have been under attack, all in an effort to keep many of us from casting ballots, but we can’t let that happen.

Senators Blunt and Hawley both received a grade of “F” based on their votes on the American Rescue Plan Act, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the For the People Act, and the elimination of the filibuster. Let them know that as representatives for our communities, they cannot afford to miss the mark. Hold Congress accountable to ensure voting rights for all. Call senators Blunt’s and Hawley’s office today.

Voting rights protection should never be about a political party, but about the people.