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For more than a century the National Association for the Advance of Colored People (NAACP) has
worked to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality for all people. Therefore, the
Kansas City Missouri Branch of the NAACP adamantly opposes the Jackson County Assessment
Department’s method of the assessment of property in Jackson County. The reasons for our opposition
are as follows:

  1. According to the data a number of residents that have experienced the hardest hits in property
    taxes are poor whites, black and the Hispanic community.
  2. The NAACP has major concerns that this present method of assessing property in Jackson
    County will result in many of the citizens of Jackson County to experience foreclosure.
  3. The over inflated market values of these properties have caused many blacks, Hispanic and poor
    whites to experience triple digit increases. We see this method of tax assessments as one that
    intentionally targets those who can least afford this heavy tax burden.
    The method of tax assessment that is being used by the Jackson County Assessment Department
    violates one of our core values in that it prevents economic sustainability. The prevention of economic
    sustainability hinders all of our citizens of the chance to live the American dream. The NAACP will
    continue to stand firm against systems of injustices that violates the civil rights of the citizens of Kansas
    City and the State of Missouri.